About IO Security

At IO Security we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the security field, constantly pushing forward to find new solutions for tomorrow’s security threats. We have a proven track record in security, with over 25 years working with customers in key verticals, including Finance & Banking, Chemicals, Healthcare, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Government at Local, State and Federal levels. Key team members include:

Golan Ben-Oni – CEO

Thought leader in the security space with outstanding relationships with all key players. Trusted leader in the field and a master at solving security issues, articulating solutions and catching the bad guys.

Irwin Major – COO

Former M&A lawyer. During the telecom boom, Mr. Major pioneered the business of trading optical fiber as a commodity internationally in order to capitalize on the global shortage of optical fiber.


IO Security is providing a completely novel and revolutionary approach to security. We have a deep investment in IoT and security automation. This allows us to deal with a whole gamut of security threats within minutes, unlike other resource-heavy and time-consuming security systems. Moreover, our approach allows us to hunt for security threats before they are detected by the standard security systems. While, currently, 30% of all threats will go undetected, we can eradicate this challenge and prevent your system from becoming vulnerable.

As well as being a value added reseller, we are a trusted advisor to our clients, guaranteeing them a highly professional and confidential service. We look forward to serving you.

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